Kat exceptionally and masterfully weaves a narrative to the deepest inner workings of the psyche. She verbally paints her keen observations with archetypes, plant allies and a host of metaphor to tell an almost mythical tale of one’s life. Diving deep to uncover source wounding and trauma, she lifts the quiet and vulnerable parts into powerfully engaged aspects of self that ultimately forge the way into full healing. Her clairvoyant capacity is astounding and would leave a ‘non-believer’ stunned.
I have worked with many therapists, healers and energy-workers and have studied much, and I find Kat to stand alongside the great healers. She has a natural skill and incorporates a lifetime dedicated to studying and practicing multitudes of modalities. She is the healer that is not so easily found, if you are lucky enough to come across her way, consider it a blessing from the angels.

~ Rebecca Cross Web Designer, Musician, Artist

Thank you so much for the session yesterday. I felt a strong energetic shift especially yesterday…incredibly buoyant and all the flowers were popping out at me everywhere and I could hardly even sleep last night because I felt so much excited happy bouyant energy!

~ Leiah Lauren Michelle Borowsky Accupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher

I had a phone session with Kat and was instantly at ease by her friendly manner and genuine sincerity. Over the course of the reading I was impressed by how much knowledge she was able to access and how practically she delivered the messages. I felt energy move and I can’t wait to have another session. I highly recommend her!

~ Zindzi Nadja

Thank you for the (Reiki) session yesterday. I thought I’d be experiencing a ‘sloughing off’ of debris today, however it’s the opposite! I’m experiencing a ‘coming home’ and ‘joy’ (yes pun intended ; )) that I have not had in years! The calm, peacefulness, and joy I’m feeling is such a welcome return of the ‘old’ me! Thank you for facilitating such warm, comfortable feelings of contentment!

~ Joy M. Mom, Teacher, Lover of life

Having an intuitive reading with Kat was not on my list when I traveled to California. But it was suggested I have one with her. So glad it was recorded! The rhythm and tone of her voice feels like a summer day on the beach chatting with a friend. Her Magic is low key, but her words/interpretations of what she is seeing felt like she has been walking with me for years, listening in on my meditations and hanging out with my Guides, watching me as I grow on this planet.
I am not sure Kat is aware, but her arrangement of words she uses to convey what she sees is like an amazing Dance instructor that is able to choreograph a new dance that pulls everything I have held as true about myself into an exciting and fresh expression that I look forward to practicing expressing every day now in a new way, with new focus and insight. The Kat Energy on the other end of the phone was so refreshing, so clear, so sweet, so low key, so easy to drink in. Kat is a blessing and a bargain at any price.

~ Carlos H. Witt Business Owner, Teacher from Colorado

Through astute intuition and logic, Ms. Davis was able to quickly reveal for me core and elemental issues relevant to my current plight.

A skilled clinician and healer, Kat provides valuable and practical insight in just a matter of minutes, allowing her to expand and deepen such information accessible with time.

She is recommended for anyone interested in growth, direction, or psychospiritual wisdom.

~ Dr. Craig Bowman Therapist, Author, Independent Scholar

I am very grateful to have had an intuitive reading over the phone with Kat. I must say that I am really impressed with her capacity to tune in on a very deep level.

A lot of what Kat shared with me made total sense and a lot of it was confirmation of what I already know deep down inside myself. This was such a confirmation that she was right on as we had never met and knew nothing about one another.

I also felt instantaneously at ease with Kat’s voice. She was very caring and professional and I totally recommend Kat to anyone who is looking for help and guidance.

~ Larence Filet Artist, Gilder

Kat Davis is the real deal. When she did a reading for me… well, everything she said, the second she said it, I felt as true. Her reading was a deep experience of being seen. But more than that, at the end I was smiling—I felt the way forward was clear.

~ F.D.

Kat connects with spiritual wisdom on the highest levels and conveys what she sees/hears with compassion and clarity.

A session with Kat allows me to feel seen and heard on deep levels. It gives me the chance to be valued for who I am, at my core; soothes in my innermost levels of pain; and challenges me to grow in new (and sometimes unexpected) directions.

A reading from Kat gives me specific next steps to take in my life as well as providing a larger view and perspective of what I’m doing here, and why.

It’s a gift to my soul.

~ Heidi Van Ert PhD.

Spot on. My intuitive reading with Kat was extremely valuable.

She was able to read my spirit from a high level to very specific detail. She confirmed for me what I was already thinking and she also surprised me with information I kept distant from myself.

These past two years have been very demanding and difficult. Kat is key to giving me powerful insight and helping with my next steps drawing me closer to want I really want… to trust and have fun!

She is truly helpful when you are ready to live the life you imagine.

~ Veronica Raya Life Coach

I’ve been seeing Kat for several years for traditional therapy sessions. Recently we’ve done intuitive readings for our sessions, and I’ve always left the reading with a wildly new perspective on the topic at hand.

Her natural ability to visualize and communicate the energy she is feeling from me is transformative. The visuals she expresses feel so close to what is inside of me, that I was unable to see before.

My experience with these intuitive readings has also come with a physical reaction as well. She provides the safety and comfort needed for me to remain present throughout the session and I always leave feeling more empowered, connected, and clear-headed about my journey in the moment.

~ Alise Anderson Filmmaker/Artist

I am immensely appreciative and honored to have the opportunity to work with you in this way.

~ Kat