In what situations would an intuitive reading help?

There are many reasons why someone may seek intuitive healing support. You may have questions about a specific concern, or an ongoing issue is asking for attention, or you may desire a general energy "check-in" to gain clarity about present matters. Any issues or concerns needing attention can be explored. Common themes include love and relationships, career and prosperity, and spirituality and health.

How does an intuitive reading work?

Past lives, karmic agreements, and chordings may be addressed during a session. These energies can become "stuck" in our present energetic field causing potential ill-ease. Symptoms such as confusion, fatigue, anxiety, preoccupations, and fears are some examples of ill-ease. Energy healing focuses on moving out the unwanted toxic energies in your auric field and upgrading with divine healing energy.

What should I expect during an intuitive reading?

Each session is about one hour. Sessions begin with me "sensing" your energy and focusing in on a question of your choosing. My eyes will be closed during most of the session, allowing for clearer soul-to-soul communication. I will be translating messages that your Spirit wants you to understand, receiving these as images and explaining them verbally. I will also relay any additional questions you may have to help seek greater clarity and help you understand action steps you may need to take.

How should I prepare for my upcoming session?

Whether seeking an intuitive reading, reiki or guided visualization, it helps to take time beforehand to consider why you are asking for support at this current time. You may have a specific question or theme you would like to explore, or an area in your body that you would like me to focus on. You may want some items near you to provide comfort: a glass of water or tea, and pen and paper. Sessions can be recorded in person via a mobile phone, and if we work together remotely you may take notes during the session.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of hands-on, or remote, energy healing. Energy healing aligns with the bodies natural life force, or electric currents, and redirects or balances out any blocks or disruptions held within the energetic field of the body. Reiki is one specific type of practice.

What is a guided visualization?

Guided visualizations are deep meditative healing journeys. Together we enter into an alternative almost hypnotic state of mind using our curiosity and imagination to explore an issue or concern. We will call in ethereal, elemental and animal guides, allies and ancestors to assist us along the way. I will visually guide you to a safe place, while holding a healing energetic field, where we'll begin to examine the issue from various realms: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intuitively. Answers will be revealed and energetic blocks will dissipate.

What happens after a session?

Nearing the end of the session, exercises, specific meditations, or next steps may be offered to further integrate the healing journey. It's always a good idea to re-enter into the rest of your day slowly. Drink lots of water, rest if you can, write down your thoughts and feelings for the next few days, notice your daydreams and dreamtime, and become away of any synchronistic events that may offer additional healing or information. You may want to include some creative process to deepen the healing: paint, draw, collage, sing, move.
You may choose to have additional sessions or integrative counseling to increase clarity, grounding, motivation, and sense of ease.

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