Through extensive training in the Bay Area, Kat has advanced her natural intuitve and energy healing skills. She has partipated in classes at The Foundation for Spiritual Development, Academy of Intuition Medicine, Berkeley Psychic Institute, HCH Institute, and with Judith Orloff and Mariam Moussaioff. She continues to work with various healers to support her spiritual path. 

Kat is a psychotherapist with an active career in the San Francisco Bay Area. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Art and her Master’s in Social-Clinical Psychology.


Kat has moved through the world using intuition as an internal compass ever since she can remember; she is a natural intuit. As a young girl she was drawn to time alone in nature as it helped her understand and navigate her deep imagination and intuitive and empathic sensitivities. She also began forming her spiritual path at this time, developing a deep affinity for Jesus and Mother Mary, separate from religious doctrine. Kat continues to seek guidance, love, and support from her inner guides.

At one point as a child, Kat became very sick and sensed she could heal herself through the use of her own energy. She focused inward, listened, and responded energetically to what her body was telling her it needed. In the morning, after days of having a high fever and intense physical pain, she awoke, healthy and energetic. Kat didn’t think much of the incident, as the experience felt automatic and natural.

It wasn’t until years later that she recalled the experience, remembering it as beautiful and powerful. She realized then that not all people know how to tap into this ability, or even realize, as was her belief, that this ability is within us all. It was at this time that Kat became curious about energy, intuition, and self-healing, and began taking classes.

Many, many years later she discovered during a conversation with her older sister and niece that her sister had a very similar experience of healing herself through the use of energy and tapping into her intuition as a supportive tool. This conversation led the two to reminisce about their grandmother’s spiritual practices, a blended mixture of Mexican Catholicism: traditional and superstitious rituals, indigenous practices, and intuition. Perhaps the sisters gained these gifts from Grandma Galindo…

Breathe deep, see far and wide, listen closely, know love.